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Nordic Centre for Public Meals

Nordic Centre for Public Meals - the potential of public meals as a welfare solution in the Nordic countries.

Food and meals in the public sector are key elements in the public welfare system in the Nordic countries and constitute a significant part of the public budgets. There is a great potential in working with the public meals and rather than seeing it as an expense, the public meals are an investment in the diners. In the Nordic countries we serve 5.5 million meals in the public sector every day from around 55,000 kitchens in Sweden, Denmark, and Finland and the net sum of annual purchase including Norway is DKK 17 billion. These meals served in the public sector should be seen as an investment in health, the environment, the welfare system and sustainable regional development. It is much more than a social operating expense.

This project explores how a Nordic model for public meals can be developed and integrated across borders and sectors as well as how food in schools, food for the elderly, agriculture and education can be strengthened. In addition, the project examines the promotion of health and market maturation as well as urban and rural development.

Around the Nordic countries there are a lot of good examples of local and national innovative solutions in the public sector. This project combines national innovations in the public sector to a Nordic level and creates a collaboration model for the many initiatives. An important aspect of the project is openness. Therefore the results will be available for other actors and we welcome collaboration outside the network.

In 2016, The Copenhagen House of Food will act as the secretariat for the knowledge centre with more than 15 different actors from the Nordic countries.

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